Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sick, sick, sick

That about sums up the past two weeks. Last Sunday at this time I was in bed with the stomachache of a lifetime and the kids and the QB weren't much better. After coaxing the Monkey out of a three-day fever and ear infection with a dash of pink eye we decided to take the New York trip and the kids did wonderfully marching up and down midtown Manhattan with the QB while I attended the writing conference. All was well until the middle of the night on Friday night when the monkey began throwing up and purging his bowels. He kept it up all day Saturday until we made it back to Ohio. We left Manhattan at 4:50 pm, got to the airport at 7:10pm, got on the plane at 8:15, landed in Columbus at 9:45, got in our car at 10:15pm and arrived home in Athens just before midnight and by that time the Monkey had gone through three outfits and had thrown up on QB twice during the plane flight.

So on top of recovering from vacation and dealing with sick kids on Sunday, our neighbor gave us some super spicy chili that gave us awful (I don't think it was just the chili that did it, but it didn't help) we both came down with some kind of intestinal malaise that left us with an intense desire to turn our stomachs inside out (Mr. Baseball included- all night long). On Monday I took the monkey to the doctor because he was till throwing up and having diarrhea and wasn't eating much. By Tuesday I was okay, and the QB was on the road to recovery, and the monkey was eating a bit more and holding it down and in, but he was now getting rash on his chest, that was spreading, by Wednesday and Thursday, to his arms, neck, face, and legs.

Friday the Monkey went back to the Doctor. Roseola. He was on the upswing though, so there wasn't much we could do. Silly. We went to the doctor three times in two weeks. In our defense though, the monkey had three distinctly different medical problems, all that warranted serious concern, all that just happened to clear up the day we went to the doctor, almost within hours of being in the doctors office.

So now its sunday again and the kids seem to be doing really well, except for maybe a cough. But QB and I are now dealing with something like a cold/sinus infection/ dreaded ganboo.* So we're off to bed, except that the monkey just woke up again and who knows when he'll go back to sleep. I was up with him until 2am yesterday because he doesn't like going to sleep in his room anymore. If he's not completely out he won't let us put him in his crib, and he doesn't even like laying in our bed with us that much. He's got a serious case of bedroom aversion and it's making life interesting around here to say the least. So I'm going to take over for the QB who is currently rocking a screaming baby, and we'll see what happens. (the QB just came out her and set the monkey (crying) on the floor. Poor kid. Poor mom.

*dreaded ganboo: a generic term invented by one or the other or both of my parents, or perhaps another relative, used to name any variety of physical ailments.


nicolle said...

*groan* I know what you mean. I feel your pain and I am soooo sorry. I am glad that you (or at least your kids?) are recovering.

{cari} said...

Hope all is better now! There's nothing worse than a family full of sickness.

P.S. I love your banner picture! So cute!

Sarah said...

Hope you're all feeling much better. Definitely feel your pain on sleep battles. Some days I wonder if I will ever get the privilege of more than 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep again - maybe when the kids move out??!!!