Saturday, February 23, 2008

New York the Seventh

I've wanted to go to the MOMA since I heard about the opening of the new building. Lucky for us, the museum was just down the street from AWP and open for free on Friday nights (thanks to Target!) The building, in the architect's own words, is "an ideal environment for art and people [created] through the imaginative and disciplined use of light, materials, and space." And that was just the building! I could hardly contain myself when I started walking the floors. I'd seen lots of it in textbooks and on slides, but seeing it in person was SOO much better. I could have spent all day there and maybe someday I will!

One of Alexander Calder's mobiles.

Mr. Baseball in front of Andy Warhol's famous Campbell's Soups!

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Shiloh said...

Oh! I'm so jealous!! Glad you got to stop in, even if you couldn't stay all day!!!