Thursday, February 21, 2008

Barack Called today

We got a phone call from Barack Obama today. It turns out there's an election coming up in Ohio soon. Go figure. There's going to be a presidential election, he tells me, and I can actually go to the voting precinct right now and vote early. Me! All I have to do is walk in there and I can put my name down for a candidate, and it will mean something. It will count. That was so thoughtful of him to call. Maybe I'll have to go down and vote.

It's nice to think that for the first time in my voting life, my vote for president will count for something (In Utah, I might as well have voted for the Easter Bunny. Bush II was a shoo-in, which is funny, because now we're shooing him out.)

Oh, and in case you were wondering whether or not Barack Obama is "all words," as he has been accused of being, consider this and this and this. And oh yeah, this. And then check out this. He's not perfect. Not guiltless in the politics game. But he's different. Ambitious? yes. Calculating? I don't think so. Refreshing? Can you say "Irish Spring." Washington could use a bath.

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nicolle said...

Seriously I am so jealous that your vote will truly count. I grew up in a country that it is just the popular vote so when I came of voting age in the states and I found out how it works and how it is by state I was confused and a bit angry. Anyway, just thought I would provide that outsider/insider perspective:) Go Obama!