Monday, November 16, 2009

Utah Trip in Mid October

We had so much fun in Utah visiting with cousins we don't see very often--Olivia got baptized and all of us spent the weekend at a cabin in park City.

Probably the closest I'll ever get to speeding down a powder covered mountain.

Go Monkey Go!

The boys were very excited to see Olivia's baptism. And even more excited for the chocolate cake afterward. Remarkably, they managed to eat all of dinner without a single stain on their new white shirts. The monkey did have a hard time trying to keep up with the older kids though. At one point they all went to the bathroom and the Monkey got left behind. Somebody found him in the bathroom trying to push the heavy wooden door open, and crying his eyes out. Not the best way to encourage potty training.

New House

Be grossed out if you must, but that floor is brand spankin' new! The Student spent quite a bit of time, energy and at least 5 trips to Lowes to get it in, and we're all very appreciative. Whoever thought carpet in a bathroom was a good idea is cuckoo. Now imagine it with freshly painted walls and a black vanity cabinet, hopefully it will look exactly as you imagined before the end of the year.

A quick snap of the kitchen before we moved in. And yes, that is carpet in the kitchen too! Ick! But the newly purchased Scraped Hickory Laminate is in the garage waiting for Thanksgiving weekend to make it's appearance. At some point we expect to paint the cabinets and replace the counter too. We're very grateful for the bigger kitchen right now though.

Backyard, complete with 2 sheds full of old tools, knobs, jars, paint etc. We plan to:
1) Scrap some of the old metal for a little bit of cash
2) Sell some of the extra tools and garage-saleable items
3) Use the free yard tools! And plumbing supplies and old paintbrushes and camping chair and and and and... We're thankful we don't have to buy a lot of stuff to take care of the yard.

The Monkey is playing next to a railroad hitch dug into the ground. We're not exactly sure why it's there but they must have had a use for it. We're not sure both sheds are going to stay long term, and we know some of the extra sidewalks need to come out but the boys are having fun playing out there everyday. (Oh and we think that's a peach tree in the picture, we hoping for peaches and pecans next year!)

We like the new house, despite the ugly carpet, it's finally feeling like home now!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Future Posts

Now that we're all healthy (well, mostly) and things have settled down we have some major updating to do on the blog! I figure if I list them here, I'll feel more obligated to write about them and post pictures and I'll actually do it!

1. New house! Thanks to the Student the new bathroom floors and painted vanities look awesome! Presto-change-o, Carpet-B-gone!

2. Trip to Utah for a wedding and fun with family!

3. Sinus infection. Ok, no pictures of that. But that's my excuse for not posting anything the 10 or so days after the trip. They're awful anyway but on top of being pregnant it was pretty rough.

4. Update on homeschooling! Some days I can't believe we're actually homeschooling but other days I'm very grateful and we're having so much fun.

5. Birthdays: Mr. Baseball's was right before we moved and we never posted anything about it. The Monkey's is TODAY, and The Student's is on Tuesday. Lots of celebrating going on...

6. And my husband, who is laying here in bed next to me, wants me to tell you all how great he is! He's joking of course, but he really is great. My personal superhero :)

He cooks! He cleans! He fixes! He writes! To Infinity and Beyond!

7. Halloween!

8.The weather. I know, its a silly thing, a last resort conversation topic but it really different. It was still 71 degress outside at 7pm last night when we took the boys to play. And it's NOVEMBER! I knew it would be warmer here but it's just a little weird.

9. Mr. Baseball woke up with an abscessed tooth yesterday. Having any sort of medical or dental issue on Saturday should be outlawed.

10. Counting down to Baby Franklin's arrival in February. And he has nothing even close to resembling a name yet. When I was a kid I remember thinking I would let my kids pic their own name. I'd just call them Bubba or something until they were old enough to choose. Maybe I really should do that!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Swashbuckling Around the House

Thanks for "Swashbuckling" with our boys Joey, I love you! And congrats to the producers for the best public service announcement!