Saturday, February 23, 2008

New York the Fifth

Appetizing? I hope so, it was our dinner in our little hotel kitchen. Do you know how much extra it would have cost to buy hot dog buns in New York!? So we opted for bread slices. Looks funny, but tastes the same pretty much.

Outside Grand Central Station, we stayed about 3 blocks away.

On the Thursday we were in New York the Student had meetings early at AWP (Association of Writing Programs). Our friends here in Athens went to New York for the same conference, so the husbands conferenced and the wives and kids played! We met some friends of our friend at her apartment in near Wall Street (WOW, is all I can say, the view from the 28th floor was amazing!) and then walked to a little restaurant called The Soda Shop for lunch. It was quite a site: 4 moms, 4 strollers and 7 kids walking down the street at lunch time in New York City. I'm sure we got some strange looks. The Soda Shop was fun, complete with those old fashioned wood candy shelves and toy soldiers. After lunch Emily and her kids, I and my kids walked down past Ground Zero (an eerie feeling) to Trinity church. There was a lunch time service in progress we watched for a few minutes which, along with architecture of the building reminded me of being in England.

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