Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New York City the First

Tuesday 8:00pm: I arrive home from grocery shopping and help put kids to bed
Tuesday 8:30pm: The Student and I flop on the couch to make a final decision about who, when, if, etc. is going to New York City in the morning.
Tuesday 9:00pm: Priceline decides for us. We're all going! At 6am in the morning.
Tuesday 9:05pm: We tell Mr. Baseball about the big trip in the morning and he's so excited he can hardly contain himself.
Tuesday 12:30am: I go to bed after packing as fast as I've ever packed in my life.
Tuesday 1am: The Student hits the sack.
Wednesday 5:15am: Alarm rings
Wednesday 5:30am: We wake up an excited Mr. Baseball
Wednesday 6am: Out the door to the airport, minus the Monkey's new prescription.
Wednesday 6:20am: We turn the car around to fetch said prescription.
Wednesday 9:07am: Skybus takes us to the Big Apple!


mayday said...

I love that picture of NY and Mr. Baseball. That is very cool.

Alex said...

Hooray! I am so glad that you went! I am looking forward to calling see and seeing more pics on your blog.

Sarah said...

what fun! hope to hear more about it!