Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm on the phone right now with a polster

and I can't tell whether this is an unbiased poll or not, but the more I listen to the kind woman on the other line, who has quite a unique accent, with all her questions surrounding the policies and actions of Mrs. Clinton, the more I feel like this is a long commercial disguised as a poll. Most of the questions are weighted heavily in Hillary's favor.

There are basically two types of questions. One with the caller reading several lines from Hillary's rhetoric and asking me whether or not her stance on this or that issue will make me very, somewhat, or much more or less likely to vote for her, and another type of question where the caller reads a statement from Hillary's rhetoric about Barrack Obama and asks me if hearing that statement will make me very, somewhat, or much more or less likely to vote for her. The tricky part is that some of the questions are about voting for "him" and some are about voting for "her" so if I'm not paying attention I might give an answer that unintentionally favors the wrong candidate. and if all this sounds a little confusing and hard to follow, you should hear survey questions. I'm a 27 year old graduate student and I had a hard time following the logic trail in some of the questions.

Besides feeling a little bit taken advantage of, and feeling like Mrs. Clinton ought to be spending her time dealing with the issues instead of trying to make her opponent look bad, it is kind of nice to think that my opinion matters, even if it doesn't really. Still, disguising a commercial as an opinion poll seems dirty to me. Unfair, manipulative, sneaky, Jr. High. hmmmm.

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Alex said...

We followed your online ad (which I click on both daily so I hope you are making beaucoup bucks) and made a contribution to Hillary's campaign.