Thursday, April 8, 2010

8 Weeks

We love our sweet little guy. He's quite the chunker, a little rolly polly in the bath. He happily rides in the car to and from school, loves to go outside and smile at his big brothers. I think he's trying to catch up!

Thanks for the Moby Wrap!

This Moby wrap was a present from some great friends. The color is perfect and I use it about every day. The little guy loves it and I get questions and compliments on it nearly every time I go out! You guys are awesome and I miss you!

More of the Little Chunker 7 weeks

About 7 weeks
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The new wool soaker I made out of an old sweater.
(Sewing project #1 for you Colette!)

More Updates

Mr. Baseball made the Statue of Liberty entirely by himself! We were impressed.

The boys made a fort in their room and we let them sleep in it and eat breakfast inside. We're glad they're such good friends most of the time!

The little chunker! At about 6 weeks
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So Behind.

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