Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New way to diet?

I've been following Cassey Ho on Blogilates for a while. Some months have been better than others when it comes to working out. But she sent an email about something I've never heard of:

The way it works is people sign up on DietBet to be in her group for the month of June. Everyone puts a $25 deposit down and sends in clear photos and their current weight (more rules on their website). Then everyone tries to loose 4% of their body weight before the end of the month. If you do, you get your $25 back, PLUS any extra left from anyone who didn't loose enough, split between everyone.

Has anyone ever done this? I'm thinking seriously about it. I've just started to change how I eat because of some health issues I've had and I think this might be a great fit. Eeek! I'm nervous, but maybe this is the kind of motivation I've been looking for!

As of right now there are 1,898 players and $47,450 in the pot. Ready, set, loose!

May is Almost Over

My view, most of the month of May

Yes, I'm actually sneaking in 2nd blog post this month! Two! Wow! hahaha  I really do want to blog more frequently and I intend to make it a goal for the summer. Speaking of summer, our summer starts the end of this week, HOORAY!!! We're pretty excited, especially because this month has been hectic.  As of yesterday when I filled the gas in my van we had spent nearly $500 this month on gas. Yikes. I knew it would be bad and budgeted for about that much, but I was really hopeful it would be less!
This is why:
Joey drives Callan to school in the Honda at 8am (it takes about 20 minutes without traffic) passing work on his way and returning to work  after he drops Callan off. I sometimes run errands in the morning and leave by 11:30 to get Nolan to afternoon Kindergarten. Then more errands or hang out at my sister's house  until pick up time at 2:45. Then after school we've had baseball or Tball games or practices most nights, in Provo. This means I drive home and back to Provo or pack everything in the car to be gone all afternoon/evening. Up until last week we didn't have a washer and dryer in our new place either, so I was washing loads at my sisters and hauling many loads of laundry back and forth. It. Was. Exhausting. And now we have two more days of school and then freedom! And not nearly so many fill-ups at the gas station next month! And next time I'll listen to that little voice telling me to sign the kids up for Springville baseball (even though we hadn't even looked at this house when sign-ups happened!) instead of Provo. I've used a lot of free internet in the McDonald's parking lot while Ian slept in the car. Worked on the budget, menus, shopping lists, etc. I've packed a lot of lunches, dinners and snacks and listened to A LOT of LDS Conference Talks on my phone while I drove. Whew! It's been a crazy month since we moved, but I don't think I would change it, it really felt like the right thing to do and things have worked out surprisingly well for all the craziness this month. I just wouldn't recommend it to anyone!

Coming up for June:
Callan continues playing baseball, he's really enjoying pitching this year!
Nolan continues playing his first year of Tee Ball and Joey and I continue wondering what we were thinking signing up to coach!
We get crackin' on our summer bucket list! (Should I post it? I think I will)
I finish up planning for Girls Camp in our Provo ward. It starts July 9th and there is still LOTS to do until then.
Stain the fence and deck, which we have never done before. Oh boy!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Quick Location Update

If you're still reading this blog after many many stops and starts, I'm impressed. And if you still care, maybe you would be interested to know we bought a house! In Springville! We've been absent on the blog but I've thought about it almost everyday since we moved. Gotta blog about the new house!

Here's a quick picture just from the MLS listing. It looks much nicer now that the trees are filling with leaves, the grass is greening up and there are flowers blooming. We're feeling very blessed and excited to be in a great house and great neighborhood. And, in casey ou're thinking in the back of your head, "Hmm... that looks like they might have space to let me and my family stay there for a visit!" You'd be right! We're mostly unpacked since we didn't have a ton of stuff to begin with and we'd love to have you stop by, even unannounced or for a short hello.

Things I love about the house so far:
A kitchen with space for Joey and I and the kids to cook together. We might have made chocolate pancakes with chocolate syrup at 10pm last night. (But they didn't have any sugar!)
Space to put everything away!
Listening to the trains nearby (ok, so that's not a feature of the house but I love it)
Purple Irises that are about to bloom, my very favorite flower and currently blooming lilacs.