Saturday, February 16, 2008

New York the Third

My sister, Amy, is on a mission in New Jersey, right across the river from Manhattan. Her mission president said we could visit her if we were going to New York. It just so happened we had a legitimate excuse to be there! AWP didn't actually start until Thursday the 31st. So Wednesday, which happened to be Amy's Preparation Day was the perfect day to visit her! A sweet Sister at the mission office actually gave me her cell phone number so I could leave Amy a message and coordinate a visit. So after a brief visit to the surface of the city via Grand Central Station, it was back down in the earth for a subway ride and a PATH train to New Jersey. We waited to meet Amy at Hoboken Station, a Beaux-Arts style building on the register of National Historic Places. It was gorgeous!

We met Amy and her companion outside the station. It was a chilly first meeting for Amy and the Monkey, who was born after she left for New Jersey! The visit included a little local bagel shop and pleasant conversation. It really was a treat, the highlight of the New York trip! Luckily Amy returns home in 16 days and we'll get to see her on our Spring Break trip.


Alex said...

Man. Is that really your kid sister with a missionary badge on? Crazy to think that she's almost done.

tracidove said...

I can't belive Amy is on her mission! If you have a chance send me her address, I'd love to write her.

tracidove said...

Ok, nix that last part... Aparently I didn't read far enough to see that she is coming home in a few days =)