Sunday, February 17, 2008

New York the Fourth

After the quick hop over to New Jersey we made our way back and to our hotel. We packed light, or so we thought, but even 1 suitcase for all of us made subway travel rough. Mom, Dad, walking kid (who always needs a hand) and one who needs to be carried (along with the stroller) plus the big rolling suitcase, add in a busy train, lines of people waiting to get on , and you're bound to have a wrench in the works. Ours was relatively small, thank goodness, but still a wrench! We ran down the stairs to the right platform to see the train already there and people piling on. Just as the Student, the Monkey and Mr. Baseball stepped on the doors started to squeeze shut. A kind person helped keep the door open while the slid on, leaving me to wrestle with the suitcase and shutting doors behind them! I made it on the train but only after I had tipped the suitcase over, landed on top of it and caught my leg in the door. I eventually got inside and uprighted myself, but not without a big purple bruise I still have on my leg. I could have been embarressed but subway wrestling is just a part of being in big city. I'm sure I'm not the first one to ever get my leg stuck in the subway door in New York!

The hotel priceline picked for us was perfect! It was a "suite" so along with the obvious bed and bathroom we also had a hide-a-bed (or hide-a-Mr. Baseball, he loved sleeping Under it one night), a desk, table and chairs, dresser, closets and a mini kitchen!

The short trip around the block to the grocery store at 9pm proved too much for Mr. Baseball, he zonked out in the stroller in the middle of the grocery store.


Alex said...

But, thanks to all of his late night practice and conditioning, the Monkey is still going strong!

Sarah said...

wow! nice place! I've never done that on priceline, did you get a good deal? cute pics! oh and sorry about your bruise, are you ok now? :)