Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Kitchen (for those of you who haven't seen pictures yet)

We've (kind of) finished the (partial) remodel of our kitchen and we are (exhausted and) thrilled to have a high-functioning cooking area to work with.

Here's a public link to the facebook album.

The whole project took a little under two weeks to complete, during which time we lived off whatever we could cook in our living room with the microwave and the toaster oven (a lot of toaster waffles, burritos, and canned soup....).

The project had a number of unforeseen hiccups (large vent pipe that had to be slightly rerouted, cabinet base that needed replacing, sink that wouldn't fasten down, brand new faucet that wouldn't work, electrical wiring that needed repair), but all the wrinkles ironed themselves out and we're pleased with it. We still need to paint walls and cabinets, but we're pleased.

In other news:

The QB started her Doula training and will finish that and her childbirth educator training about the same time and hopefully she can start attending a few births a month at the local hospital (She really should tell you all about it).

Mr. Baseball has started baseball again. This years it's machine pitch and the game is a lot more serious (as if last year it wasn't serious enough). He's having a little trouble hitting the ball off the machine, but its his first time. They won their first game and he loves to get dressed up and get out on the field.

The Monkey went from being a bored-to-death pre-preschooler who missed his older brother when he went off to school to being almost too busy. He has pre-school coop on Monday mornings and soccer basics on Monday nights. He has art and music too and spends at least an hour on sunny days out in the backyard playing basketball on his plastic goal.

The Little Bruiser has learned to sign "more" when he wants something else to eat (though he usually squawks along with the sign to let us know. He also blew a kiss to the QB and me tonight after dinner. No walking yet, but its only a matter of time.

Me. Sick. Again. I've been sick off and on since February 1. Time to go to the Doctor.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's the medicine talking...

So, Mr. Baseball has been sick since we got home from our spring break trip to Utah (more pictures later) and he came out of his room about five minutes ago, face all pillow-pressed and hair askew:

Mr Baseball: "Dad...the foot...what..expect?"

Me: "What?"

Mr Baseball: "I'm just...the shelf...I'm needing...the escalator..."

Me: "Son, You haven't made a clear sentence."

Mr. Baseball: "That's because I don't have any clear sentence(sic)"

All the time, he was rubbing the side of his head with the palm of his right hand and giving me a half smile as if he were about to laugh at a joke he hadn't yet told me. I asked him if he needed something and he managed a "No," before walking back into his room and going back to sleep.

Go figure.