Sunday, September 2, 2007

Nolan's adjusting to our new place


We took this little video when our apartment was still mostly empty. We did, however, have a booster seat for Nolan, which meant we could strap him down and put some food in front of him, keeping him off the floor and out of reach of the assortment of esophagus sized flotsam that has been drifting around our floor since we moved in. These brief periods of baby confinement have been the only times we've really been able to get any work done, since with Nolan on the floor its all we can do to keep him from putting every last thing he finds on the floor into his mouth. Callan has done his part to help keep Nolan busy, and finally we have the entire apartment more or less baby proof.

Still Nolan seems to gravitate toward the most unsafe places in our home, mainly the bathroom and our bed (the bed itself is fine, but the linoleum floor all around it worries us), and he gets very frustrated with us when we remove him from either place. His own mobility is becoming a liability as he is learning the limits of his own perception. Just today though he figured out how to turn around on our bed and slide off legs first, rather than go head first like he has tried in the past.

That makes us worry a little less when he sleeps on our bed, but he's still a long way from being safe around the house.

WE bought Callan some new underwear this week, which left us wondering what to do with the old pairs.

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mayday said...

Nolan is getting so big! He is so cute and maturing right before our eyes.