Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Firetruck Birthday

Earlier this week we started looking at cake ideas for Callan's Birthday. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner but on Thursday Callan said, "a Firetruck Cake!"
So we found a firetruck cake recipe on FamilyFun. There was only one problem: Red Frosting. For one, it just tastes gross. I remember when the first Burgerville opened in my home town growing up, they served cake with red flowers on top. YUCK. My mouth remembers it well. And for another, how much Red #40 chemical dye does it take to make frosting fire engine red? I was not interested in buying 6 cups of red frosting, or trying to figure out how to use food dye to make my homemade white frosting turn chemical red. Callan's broad knowledge of firetrucks solved the problem when we suggested an airport firetruck (they're usually yellow and spray foam instead of water). Then we realized we had green dye and Joey suggested a forest service "forest fire firetruck." Callan thought that was the coolest idea and by the time we finished making the cake he had decided the green firetruck could do it all, airport, forest fires, and house fires.

Who knew black Twizzlers and spice drops could be so versatile? That's all we used to decorate the cake (oh, and a few Oreos). FUN! Callan wanted to eat it right away, but it stayed in the fridge all night until after dinner tonight. And the fact that cake was funfetti cake and we ate it with bubble gum ice cream made Callan nearly bubble over with excitement.

Before all that colored sugar, we had these for dinner!

Happy Birthday Callan! We love you!


Special K said...

that is the best cake I've ever seen.

~cari~ said...

Happy Birthday Kallan! You have the best parents to make such fun things for your birthday! The cake is so cool! I'm sure you'll always remember it!

~cari~ said...

Sorry, I spelled Callan's name wrong!
Happy Birthday Callan!!!!

mayday said...

That is the coolest cake ever. What talent!

Sherri said...

***WHAT*** is that sandwhich you ate??

Aunt Sherri