Sunday, September 2, 2007

A few more pictures

Callan painting a picture today. He switched to markers for a few minutes, but something about markers makes him forget where the paper stops and where the table begins. We had to find a new activity after he'd started drawing on the table legs.

Callan's new bed is a camping cot with a thick pad--just the right size for him and ducky to read a few stories together. The narrow cot does make story time a little bit more difficult, although I did manage to fall asleep next to him today during story time before nap. The cinder block wall in this picture makes Callan's room look a little bit like a prison cell--yikes.

I think this picture was taken in Utah, but its cute, so I thought I'd include it. In addition to cruising on all the furniture, Nolan is enjoying wearing shoes now and wishes we'd let me play in the toilet, or at least under the sink, or maybe with some scissors, or perhaps eat grapes whole, or something dangerous, but we just won't let him.

So we sold just about everything we owned before we came to Ohio, but we sent 1o boxes full of books, toys, and a few office odds and ends through the U.S. postal service. 9 of the boxes have arrived, seven of which where delivered to our door. However, two were delivered on an afternoon we weren't around, so the mailman put two boxes in the package containers out by the mail box. I'm not sure how he got them in there because I had, as can be seen by this picture, a really hard time getting them out. Still they've arrived, and we've filled up our new book shelves, and its beginning to feel like home around here.

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nicolle said...

How did the mail-carrier get that box in there? Our house is so hidden that it literally took them months to find it, until then they just kept returning our mail. Then we got a package from Miwa and they finally made two attempts to get it to us, by opening all the doors and ringing all the doorbells. Our doorbell plays shave and a haircut, two bits!