Sunday, September 9, 2007

How to Make Me Nervous

1. Welcome me to the new branch
2. Introduce me to Br. Organ-Performance-Professor

4. Ask me to play this in Church every week!

It didn't go off without a hitch today, there were quite a few hitches. But it didn't even come close to the horrible dream I had a few months ago. In my dream I had completely forgotten about playing the organ, showed up late to church, ran up to rescue some volunteer who was trying to play the opening song, and tried to remember the song without the music. Then I kept hitting the wrong pedals, couldn't remember the song, everyone stopped singing, I went to the pulpit, apologized profusely and ran out of the church crying and saying I would never step foot in there again! In reality it could probably never get that bad, but at least I have something to compare it too on the rough days!


~cari~ said...

You are an excellent organist! I'm sure you did great today just as always! Good for you for not keeping it a secret that you play like so many others do! Yay Melissa!!!

mayday said...

You go girl!