Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Flying to Oregon!

Flying to Portland!

The kiddos even slept for an while, Joey and I got to do the crossword. What a treat!

It was and easy trip all around: happy kids, relatively empty plane, lots of snacks, fun stuff to play with and just a little turbulence. Who says flying with kids has to be so rough!?


~cari~ said...

It's not so rough if you have adorable, well-behaved kiddies like yours!

mayday said...

You lucky ducks. Adelaide threw up on the the flight home from Maine. That was awesome! You give me hope if we ever fly again.

Anya Clowers, RN, Traveling Mom said...

It's great to see that you had your children buckled in and in their own seats.

Here are some websites that are dedicated to the topic of flying with kids:

Hope that helps for any future flights to visit the grandparents.

Have a safe and fun flight!