Monday, April 6, 2015

 God was displeased with those who built the tower of babel, but this tower of general conference was a big hit. Every six months we have a marathon TV event and watch ten hours of conference sessions where we hear from a variety of church leaders from around the world, including the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. It's a feast of good council, and the boys have learned to play quietly and listen (more or less).  Blocks are a popular activity during the conference.

Some great lines from this April's Conference, courtesy of the internet meme factory.

The boys are also taking part in a memory study that analyzes there brain activity before and after physical activity.  This meant a 7 am trip to BYU on Saturday morning and some time laying very still inside an MRI machine.

 Here's Nolan's brain and 3-d image of his head, sans hair.

 And Here's Callan.  They both earned a little money and we got to see proof that they have brains. Ha ha ha.

 Nolan had a pack meeting this month and they did a funny skit that involved pantomiming fishing.

 Grandma came down to visit on Wednesday this past week to see Callan's school program (above).  Afterward she and Nolan played around a bit together on the piano and violin.  So fun to have family close.

For St. Patrick's Day we got together with Melissa's side of the family. We had corned beef, potatoes, Salad and lots of green.

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