Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Night at the theater for Night at the Museum

It's spring break here in Springville and that means lots of family fun for the Franklin Fam.  This morning Melissa took the tikes and their nickles to the nickle arcade, then to the BYU Museum of Art where I met them for a half-hour of musing over the Museum's many masterpieces--mostly magnificent miniature Origami originals by avid artists from around the world. I went back to work to get a bit more work done and they stayed at the museum to fold some of their own origami originals (this is not one of them pictured here, but rather the work of a right swell paper folder named Richard Sweeney). Then about dinner time I came home for dinner and Nolan and I played a little baseball and we all ate a lickety split meal of split pea soup and ham before climbing in the car and (Dodge) caravaning over to Provo to watch Ben Stiller Ham it up in the third installment of the Night at the Museum franchise which, frankly, was not as funny as the first, but better than the last, and will, quite possibly, be the last of the NATM franchise. Which is too bad, because Ben knows how to bring the funny, if you know what I mean.

And when the movie ended we hurried home to end the day with a sweet snack (at least for the boys, who ate left over chocolate cheese cake from Easter Dinner), and then got themselves to bed.

okay, enough of that....

On the way home from the theater tonight, Melissa and I mused about the fact that ten years from now we will only have Ian at home-that Nolan will be 18 and Callan 21, and that ten years ago we were just getting started on this family ride. It's all a blur really, so I'm glad we took some time today to slow down and do more than get things done.  Love the wife. Love the kids. Love Springville. 


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