Sunday, January 2, 2011

Crazy December

We've been so busy lately (and by lately, I mean the past year and a half) that we've done little more than report on events, upload a few photos and add a few captions, with little time for rumination on this long-term project of parenthood that seems to have caught the wind and is coursing out ahead of us faster than we can spool out line to keep it up in the air (eh...that metaphor is almost doing what I want it to, but its nearly 11pm and I'm going to leave it at that). I'm afraid tonight won't be much different, but perhaps its an observation in itself that ruminating about a lack of time to ruminate is about as deep as it gets sometimes (most times) as a parent. Though, I'm not sure that's entirely a bad thing. Hindsight enjoys a little more distance from its subjects than I typically want to give it, and perhaps the rumination on months like this will come later. In the meantime, we've got pictures.

Like this one, of the little bruiser, whose crawling so fast now all we usually get is a blur of fleece pajamas and the residual smell of mashed pees and diaper ointment.

And this one, of the boys and some friends who came over to make gingerbread houses (graham cracker, really) a week or so before Christmas.

Everything worked out...the frosting was thick enough, the crackers didn't break, the kids actually put more candy on the houses than in their stomachs. No tears, no fights, no "why did we do this again," moments from any of the adults involved. It was magical.

We even managed to have a real formal Thanksgiving dinner with our friends, the Grovers. We thought we would be eating alone (all four of the families we invited had sick kids or plans or t travel that kept them from coming), but bad Utah weather ended up keeping them from traveling and so they joined us for dinner. There were four adults and three little kids and we had enough food to feed four times that many (including four pies. There would have been three, but about two hours before dinner was supposed to start, I realized there was no chocolate planned for dessert, so I put together this chocolate cream pie!)

On Christmas Eve we went to the Mall. Yeah, I know. Crazy. But we got there right around 9 AM when they opened and the place was empty enough to get through the Santa line in about 5 minutes and have plenty of time and elbow room to romp around on the indoor play structure (for which Mr. Baseball is hopelessly too tall, but as we were all but alone there, we figured he'd be okay as long as he didn't jump too much). rumination necessary....they're grand!

A rare cold moment this December. We've spent so much time together the past few weeks, working and playing and getting ready for Christmas. We were very sad to not see any family, though, and it made us appreciate the distance that really does separate us from those we care most about. Texas never feels larger than when we imagine traveling to visit our parents and siblings.

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