Sunday, December 12, 2010

Backwards Birthday!

When I was a young tyke my parents had a backwards party for me. I distinctly remember the clothes feeling funny, and laughing at all my friends with their backwards clothes.

Fast Forward 25ish years: The Monkey's very own backwards party!
(the clothes still felt funny... just in case you were wondering)

all the kids wore their clothes backwards and we did everything backwards at the party. We started with cake, we sang "You to Birthday, Happy," played "Obmil" (that's "Limbo" backwards, where the kids had to see how high they could go") and played "goose, goose, duck."

The "cake" was actually cupcakes, frosted and stuck upside down on a plate with a candle stuck through the bottom.

The backwards birthday sign stayed hanging up for more than week after the party.

We also had a small family party where The Monkey opened his gifts (at his backwards party, his friends brought snacks to donate to the Ronald McDonald House in town--We asked him where he would like to make a birthday donation this year and he came up with the RMH all on his own. He also casually suggested that maybe next year he could get presents at his party. )

The Monkey likes presents.

And so does the little bruiser.

Thanks for the Tractor book, Nana and Papa.
Can't believe he's already four.

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