Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daily Snippet

I find I have less time for the blog than I'd like. But I don't want to say "forget it". So here's a daily snippet, the first of many (or at least a few more maybe).

2:07pm Wednesday
I'm on the couch in the family room with the laptop. Little Bruiser is asleep, The Monkey is outside playing in the warm sunshine (I know you're thinking it's cold and it's January! Oh yeah, we live in Lubbock, with only tiny pockets of actual winter, so it's probably nearly 60 outside) Mr. Baseball is at school and so is the Student, but only until 3:30 when they'll both come home and I'll finally go work out. I feel gross because I didn't shower since I'm working out at 4pm instead of 6:30 am when I didn't want to get out of bed this morning.

I'm trying to narrow down which books to recommend at Book Club on Friday night. Here's what
s running in my head:
"So many I want to read, but aren't they supposed to be ones I've read and can recommend? I like this particular one, haven't read it, but the student says it's good. Wait. Are all these books things I would recommend or The Student's recommendations? Does it matter? Will they think I don't have my own taste in books? What if nobody wants to read these books, oh but I'm sure some of them will. I'm sure everyone will love this one. And I have read parts of it. But it's the same type of book as that other one." etc.

And while I'm thinking this I look at the mess on the floor I should be cleaning up, specifically:
today's newspaper
a load of laundry in a new storage bin (because we only have 1 laundry basket)
plastic blocks
empty smoothie cup
stack of BirthWorks papers and books
my purse
the telephone
Mr. Baseball's old stuffed dog that needs a permanent keepsake place
2 empty boxes

Not sure what we're having for dinner, but I should probably get on that since I'll be working out during dinner-making-hour.

2:27pm. It really took me 20 minutes to write this? It will be shorter next time.

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Alex said...

ooo, ooo. let's make a deal. let me know what you're reading for book club and I'll let you know what I'm reading for my book club. Which incidentally, is one of the reason taht Joey should come teach at Hollins. We have a fabulous book club!