Sunday, April 5, 2009

pictures from spring break

On Wednesday it rained nearly all day, so we had a "stay-cation" with the boys. We woke up late and told the boys we could do whatever they wanted to (within reason). So we had smoothies for breakfast, watched Bolt at 10:30 am, went to the Baker Center in the afternoon to play Foosball , and played Lincoln Logs and blocks and Legos until dinner time.

Tuesday the weather was great so we took a short hike in Strouds run State Park. We hiked 2.4 miles round trip and had a granola bar break at the half way point.
Strouds run state park literally spills out into Athens city, with several trails originating at dead end streets in the Sells Park neighborhood. I've mountain biked on this trail, and we've hiked it before as a family, but never this far. The boys did great and we kept saying to ourselves: "We're going to miss the trees and the hills so much." Oh well, I hear West Texas has some great canyons.

Here's Mr. Baseball with his walking stick (And here is the same stick the day he picked it up--It's in Jon's hand). He picked it up nearly a year and a half ago in Virginia when we were visiting Alex and Jon and has taken it on every hike we've been on since. The silly boy actually asked me the other day--"Dad, Why do they call sticks that you use for hiking 'hiking sticks?"

The giant rock formation at mile .95 was kind enough to stop and take a picture of all of us. The Monkey spent about half his time in the back pack and the other half picking up sticks and dirt and darting off the trail after fallen logs and bugs and wild flowers.

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