Thursday, August 23, 2007

Out of Gas, A Sick Turtle, 121 Degrees, and A Cancled Flight

Things are starting to settle down a bit now, what a relief! But today was odd, not so typical. Maybe it's just because we're new here but it could our atypical Karma we tend to generate. Not bad Karma not just not typical. Anyway, here's a wrap up:

Out of Gas

This morning on about our 4th trip to Walmart this week (there's no where else to go!) we stopped and helped a girl push her car out of the middle of the road, drive her to the gas station to get some gas and return her to her car to fill it up! Luckily it started right away, that seemed to be the only problem.

Bird Poop
(Okay so this was a few days ago but I still look at it as a "welcome" to Ohio). I was standing in the parking lot when I thought it had started raining. But I put my hand out to feel and looked up. No rain. Yep, it was bird. He had "welcomed" me to Ohio right on my brand new Ohio University shirt. YUCK! Never happened to me before but I'm just glad it didn't hit Nolan.

Craigslist and A Sick Turtle
Thanks to craigslist we now have a couch, a desk quite a few shelves and a free beer!? Huh! We don't even drink! But today in our search for furniture we came across a note about a sick turtle who needed a transport to the Ohio Wildlife Center in Columbus ASAP. Joey obliged since he was headed to Columbus anyway to pick up a friend from the airport. This is the thanks
Ha! Good for a laugh.

121 Degrees.
The other reason Joey headed up towards Columbus today was to stop and buy an air conditioner. We debated about 'sweating' it out for the next couple weeks but today changed our mind. When I looked at the weather report about 8pm it was 88 degrees, 100% humidity and a heat index of 121, YIKES! Needless to say our patience with each other was slim today. Joey even resorted to putting his shirt in the freezer for 10 minute stints and putting it back on to cool off. Works pretty well, thanks for the idea Callan. We checked Lowe's, Walmart and Sears Appliance (nope, not a real Sears, just appliances!) which were all the places that might have air conditioners, oh yeah, and The Tractor Supply store (just in case). Nobody had a 6,000 BTU ( the max we can have and we want the max!) air conditioner for us. hmm... So Lancaster is super special because they have a Target... er... I mean a Lowe's with air conditioners for us. So since he was headed to pick up the friend, and take the turtle he thought it would be no problem to stop a get one! Good thing. It's supposed to be 97 degrees tomorrow (with 100% humidity like today that would be a heat index of 174! Ah! ) and neighboring county schools are closed due to extreme heat.

Canceled Flight
The flight the friend was on got canceled this evening. Now taking the turtle the extra 45 min. past the 45 air conditioner stop will bring extra good Karma. Maybe there will be another turtle tomorrow when Joey goes to Columbus again?!


~cari~ said...

You know, for some reason, I wasn't at all surprised Joey helped the turtle.

Good luck on finding an air conditioner. There's nothing worse than hot nights!

mayday said...

I've never thought about putting clothes in the freezer, I think it's a genius idea. I need to remember that next time I'm too dang hot.