Sunday, August 19, 2007


So much to tell. so much to show. Callan and I are 24 hours out of our four day road trip to Ohio, and we're definitely enjoying a break. We've got lots of pictures, (mostly of Callan playing in the car or standing outside a hotel), and lots of stories (mostly about funny signs we saw on the road, and scary bathrooms we used at truck stops). But first, for Melissa, who won't be here until Tuesday, we've posted these videos of our new apartment. Its small compared to our home in Provo, but I think it will be just right for our little family.

The apartment is one of 70 or so graduate student apartments right on campus and the colonial architecture more than makes up for the somewhat cramped living space. I just keep thinking, "This would be a castle in Japan." The entire apartment is floored in linoleum and has a coat of beige paint from floor to ceiling. IKEA would be so disappointed. Oh well. Maybe we'll paint one wall.

The bathroom looks really small, but its not as crowded as I thought it would be. And there's a medicine cabinet, which is more than we hoped for. The playground sits just outside our back window and its completely fenced off, so Callan can play back there in relative security.


Alex said...

How fun to see! We are so excited for you guys and your adventures in Ohio! We definitely want to come visit, probably some time early next year. You are always welcome at our place! So remember us when you're on vacation and need something to do. Roanoke is lots of fun! Good luck-we'll keep looking for pictures!

~cari~ said...

Okay, I'm really sad I didn't get to say goodbye to you guys! It never occured to me that last Sunday would be the last time I saw you guys. I was hoping to stop by during the week but it just didn't happen.

I just wanted to say that I think you are a remarkable couple and the best parents. Your boys are sure blessed to have you there to teach them and love them. I am so impressed with Kalan's knowledge of things. That just shows what a great job you are doing teaching him. I will miss seeing Kalan in Primary and Nolan's smiling face each Sunday! Good luck with your new adventure. We'll miss you here!

mayday said...

What a cozy little place! What a fun new adventure. Good luck you guys and have fun on that playground.

Sarah said...

Welcome to apartment dwelling life. :) Just think of it this way...less to clean, no yardwork and you get reimbursed for maintenance. (That's what I keep telling myself). We look forward to regular posts to keep up with you guys and how you're doing!