Tuesday, June 26, 2007

That Dog is Chillin'

Forget Hot Dogs....

1 ratty, well loved "Doggy"

Chill at 0 degrees in freezer at least as long as it takes to brush teeth, read two stories and listen to a "mouth" story. Carefully remove from freezer, keeping "doggy" as cold at possible and place in arms of waiting child.

Serves 1 tired, too hot 3 yr old

PS. It was Callan's original idea! One night last summer in Japan he came running out of his room with doggy in hand, threw open the freezer door and tossed him in.


~cari~ said...

great idea! I just might try that one!

mayday said...

That is one fabulous recipe. I will have to try that with Addie's mini Captain.

Special K said...

hahah. I should have thought of that.