Monday, May 21, 2007

Sleeping on the floor

I walked into Callan’s room the other night to put a very wiggly, very sleepy Nolan into his bed (and no, in Nolan’s case wiggly and sleepy are not mutually exclusive), and Callan was on the floor in a heap of blankets and stuffed animals. He was awake, and after putting Nolan in his crib, I asked Callan why he was on the floor. “’Cause it’s better,” is all he said, and he rolled over.

I don't know if the influence is coming from his year in Japan sleeping in the floor, or if he genuinely thinks the floor is better, but last night he pulled the same thing, and I thought he was going to fall asleep on the floor, but about a half hour after I closed his door, he came out into the living room wearing a very sleepy face and said, "the bed is too hot and the floor is too uncomfortable."

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