Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Melissa's Moving Musing

Moving, literally. Not at all like 'spiritual'. The real deal, sell it off, pack it up, drive it across the country.

The other night I realized we have come up with just about every possible solution for getting us and our stuff to Ohio. There just seems to be difficulty moving 2 adults 2 young kids, 1 Ford wagon, and a house full of stuff 1800 miles on a soon to be Grad student budget. Here's a few ideas.

1) Sell lots of stuff. (that's not really an option). Rent a u-haul and drive along with us, 2 in the car, 2 in the truck. 1 screaming 8 month old.

2) Sell LOS. Get a u-pack truck, we pack it-they move it. 4 in the car. 1 screaming 8 month old with more attention from a non-driving parent.
3) SLOS. Joey and Callan drive a u-haul. Melissa and Nolan fly. 1 bored 3 yr old. 1 fairly happy 8 month old. Ship the car? Sell the car? Tow the car?
4) SLOS. Get a u-pack truck. Ditch the car. Amtrak it for 40 hrs without a mention of the word driving.
5) SLOS. Rent a RV. Tow the car, Make a vacation out of it. Pay TONS of money in gas.
6) SLOS. Bum rides off the BYU ride board.
7) still SLOS. Hitch Hike. Thumbs up!

As it got later the ideas tended toward cheaper but more insane. This is by far the best option so far:
Sell lots of stuff at that garage sale. Rent a U-haul. Joey and a friend drive it and tow the car. Melissa, Callan and Nolan fly to Ohio after Joey's arrived safely, unloaded the truck, cleaned the house and unpacked all the boxes.
Sounds like a plan to me!

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~cari~ said...

Here's a better plan...Just don't move!

We're going to miss you guys!