Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day consolation prize

We're doing it again. We're packing up and leaving Utah--this time for at least two years, maybe seven, maybe forever. And while we are really excited about a new adventure, we know that there are at least two sets of grandparents who are going to miss their grandchildren. We can't do much about physical distance, so here we'll do all we can to lessen the virtual distance by posting textual, audio, video, and photographic snippets of our life for everyone to see. As a mothers day gift for my two mothers, DeAnn and Cristi, I promise to post pictures and updates at least once a week, for the duration. Thanks for doing what Moms do best--loving and watching over their children. We will miss the regular visits and the love you have shown our boys and us. Ohio will feel a little empty without our moms. Happy Mother's Day.

I graduated from BYU three weeks ago. In just under three months we'll pack up and drive 27 hours to Athens, Ohio to start a masters degree in English and creative writing at Ohio Univerisity.

Nolan thought my Diploma was delicious.

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