Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New way to diet?

I've been following Cassey Ho on Blogilates for a while. Some months have been better than others when it comes to working out. But she sent an email about something I've never heard of:

The way it works is people sign up on DietBet to be in her group for the month of June. Everyone puts a $25 deposit down and sends in clear photos and their current weight (more rules on their website). Then everyone tries to loose 4% of their body weight before the end of the month. If you do, you get your $25 back, PLUS any extra left from anyone who didn't loose enough, split between everyone.

Has anyone ever done this? I'm thinking seriously about it. I've just started to change how I eat because of some health issues I've had and I think this might be a great fit. Eeek! I'm nervous, but maybe this is the kind of motivation I've been looking for!

As of right now there are 1,898 players and $47,450 in the pot. Ready, set, loose!

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