Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Bucket List



Flash back to summer fun when we lived in Lubbock!

Today is our first official day of Summer and after a long month of May we are ready to have FUN! The kids and I came up with this list, in no particular order. We plan to write it out on a big piece of butcher paper hung on the wall in the kitchen. Ready, set, play!!!

Go to the Springville splash pad
Library every week/Springville Summer Reading
New park every week
Spanish Fork splash pad
Hike up to the gypsum deposit
Hike the Y
Go camping
Springville Art Museum
Go to the farmers market
Play Wii
Host a BBQ
Host a Waffle Off
Make cup cakes
Go to the arcade
Art projects
Science projects
Read a book out loud
Play board games/have a game night
Go to Timpanogos Caves
Go to a National Park
Write a family story
Write a letter to an author, the President, Pres. Monson(birthday), missionary, relatives
Learn how to knit a scarf
Relace shoes a fun way
Learn to sew a pillowcase
Do service project
Doorbell Ditch
Slip n Slide
Make popsicles
Rent a canoe
Play with Sponge Balls/Water Balloons
Run a 5K
Go to Seven Peaks
Go to Alpine Slides when we fill the jar!
Go fishing on free fishing day!
Homemade root beer
Movie in the Park
Camp in the backyard
Family bike ride
Go to a parade
Sell lemonade
Memorize a scripture/Article of Faith
Earn more Cub Scout belt loops (Callan)
Make a youtube video
Make an obstacle course
Learn 10 Utah birds
Puddle jumping
Take popsicles to construction workers
Art City Days
Play hide and seek
Send Mom to Girls Camp!
Get a puppy!
Teach Ian ABC’s
Make Geo Safari cards to learn new things
Hike Stewart Falls
Hike in Hobble Creek Canyon
Go to a rodeo
Ride Papa’s horse
Have Lunch with Nana
Go to a concert
Cub Scout Day Camp
International Folk Fest
Play Dates
Swimming Lessons
Tie Dye Shirts
Cousin Camp Out
Bee’s Game
Owl’s Game
Real Salt Lake Game
Peteetneet Academy Museum
Play disc golf
This is the Place Heritage Park
Swimming at Nana and Papa’s
Provo gallery stroll
Weekly Lego Challenge
Road Trip to Oregon


Alyssa said...

How many days are in summer time? :) Looks like a great (long) list!

SLReid said...

I love your family bucket list! I hope you guys do EVERYTHING on the list!

Love Aunt Sherri