Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Little Catching Up to Do

I have been out of the blogging world for too long now, it's time to get things going again. I didn't realize just how long it had been until a friend reminded me it was last July. Ouch!  So I'm going to attempt to post more often, and hopefully it will become a regular thing again. But where to start?! Oh boy, so much has changed since last July. Here's the quickest 8 month recap ever:

Joey graduated from Texas Tech
We sold our house in Lubbock

We moved to Utah
Joey started teaching, (real job after 10 years of marriage!)
We cleaned up a yucky house and sold it
We're renting an older house, but it's bigger than one we've ever lived in
Callan and Nolan go to a charter school, about 10-15 min drive away
Joey and I took a fun little trip to the Utah Shakespeare Festival to celebrate (thanks for the graduation present!) in October
We endured a long, cold winter (Probably longer and colder coming from three previous Texas winters)
We're enjoying hints of sunshine and thoughts of Spring
Joey and I just took a trip to Boston for his annual conference, SO fun!
We've been enjoying much more time with family close by, it's such a treat after years of living far away

Ok, all caught up, whew!


Alyssa said...

Welcome back! (to Utah and the Blogosphere)

Looking forward to hearing of your adventures once more :)

Radene said...

Melissa, it is fun to read about your adorable family. I was especially happy to hear that there are other people who have been in school for 10 years before getting a "real job" We're hoping to finish school this year (finger's crossed!!!) and it's our 10th anniversary so I've got high hopes! What subject is Joey teaching and where? so happy for you guys!