Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Menu Plan "Monday" July 16 2012

I meant to get this up yesterday. I've never really participated in the Menu Plan Monday world, but I've been meaning to post more of our recipes. We get a lot of questions about what we eat, we're not entirely vegetarian but we try to eat meat free most of the time. We know a lot of friends attempting to do the same and we've gotten some great recipes. If you have more to share I'd love to hear about them! For all of these recipes, this is main dish and we usually include a side vegetable or salad and some fruit, lately A LOT of watermelon!

Monday: Eat at friends, also included Broccoli Pasta Salad with dressing made with Stevia instead of sugar and using whole wheat pasta, olive oil mayonnaise and no bacon. http://www.myrecipes.com/recipe/broccoli-grape-pasta-salad-50400000115388/
Tuesday: Indian Pizza with more veggies instead of turkey and less mozzarella
Wednesday: Garden Rice and Red Beans
Thursday: Green Bean and Soba Noodles, with dry fry tofu instead of pork
If you haven't dry fried tofu before, I highly recommend it!
Friday: Black Bean Chili
Saturday: Quick Sushi Wraps (no recipe)
Nori sheets, Prepared Sushi rice, mayo and soy sauce, cucumbers, avocados, red peppers, green onions, thinly sliced and all rolled together
Sunday: Chana Masala with Brown Rice

BONUSMonday: Salmon Burgers on Whole Wheat Sandwich Thins. A variation of this recipe, no cottage cheese and dried spices instead of fresh.

Happy Eating! Yum!


Alyssa said...

Will your kids really eat the sushi rolls? Even though I enjoy them, I think I could only handle it as a side-- not a whole meal.

Sounds all very exotic! And yummy.

Kristen said...

sounds good! did you decide to go vegetarian? or veg-aquarian? :)