Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bracketology with a Three Year Old

Last year we started filling out brackets for March Madness, one for everyone in the family. Nolan, who was 5 last year, won outright, he did amazingly well choosing teams and the whole thing was good for a laugh and a few nights of basketball on TV.
This year we decided to do it again with the winner getting to choose dinner and the movie after it's all over. So this morning I helped Ian fill out his bracket. It went something like this

Me: Ohio State or Iona?
Ian: I-OWN-a, thas a funny word.
Me: Cinncinati or Duke?
Ian: Duke a dog!? (We dog-watched my cousin's dog, Duke recently)
Me: Minnesota or Florida?
Ian: For-ida. Are dey gunna win-d?
Me: Oklahoma or Forida GC
Ian: Why der two for-idas?
Me: Kansas or Western Kentucky?
Ian: Ken-tuffy! das a funny word
Me: Colorado or pacific?
Ian: Fa-kis-ick! das a funny word

But every time
"Duke a dog!?"

"Duke a dog?  He gunna win-d!"

Yep, looks like Ian chooses Duke!  And that's how you choose a winning team when you're three. Followed by much basketball dunking on the mini-hoop and insistence on wearing basketball pants today.

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Kurt and Kristy said...

Haha that's cute! Good luck Ian!