Monday, March 8, 2010

Temptation at the Door

There's a tempting box outside my door. But I'm going to write:


on it and send it back. After an outing this morning, half of which I spent sitting in the back seat of my van nursing my nearly 1 month old I was not amused by the box of baby formula delivered to my door.

Even though I'm an experienced breast-feeder and can rattle off nearly every benefit to mom and baby about breastfeeding that formula is still tempting. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful that formula exists, I was a MUCH happier baby when my parents discovered soy formula for my anti-milk tummy. But it's not fair to tempt us moms in the early weeks when our breastfeeding relationship is still young. I could name off lots of reasons why it's tempting, but I think most moms who have breastfed can think of their own. But I know we'll keep breastfeeding and that it's best for both of us even when I'm ready for a break or I'm on antibiotics for mastitis again.

It frustrates me because those formula companies know that breastmilk is the best for mom and baby, but they still try to 'convert' us to increase their profits. So Not Fair!
I could go on but I'm done venting now.

And Formula Company who dropped the box off at more door, expect a letter!


Alyssa said...

We are sooo on the same page when it comes to your entire post. I love it.

By the way, how long did it take for your tummy to start liking milk?

Enid said...

Hang in there...I remember those days so well!