Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Planning for St. Patrick's Day

I really love St. Patrick's Day for some reason. We always celebrated growing up since my maiden name is very Irish and I hope to keep up the tradition.

Menu for tomorrow:

Green Pesto Pizza: Think spinach, basil, green onions and lots of cheese!

Cabbage, of course!

These cute Irish Soda Bread Scones from Smitten Kitchen. Like she says, the combination of raisins and carroway is amazing!

For dessert: Green mint dipped Oreos! See them here

In anticipation of all things green tomorrow, I let the boy play with a spray bottle of water and green food coloring in the bath. I think their skin is a little green, which I suppose means I can't pinch them tomorrow morning before they get their clothes on! We'll likely have green pancakes and green eggs, ala Green Eggs and Ham.

I don't have much in the way of St. Patrick's Day decorations, but I'll have to get my crafty act together for next year.

Shamrock Garland from Minutes to Spare

Luck of the Irish blocks from Curly Q Crafts

So fun! Anybody else have some cute ideas?

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Don't get pinched


Emily said...

We miss you and really wish we could have dinner with you! Unfortunately tomorrow is super charged finals week stress day. I have a corned beef in the fridge, but I don't even know if it will make it to the crockpot.

The kids will get to have Lucky Charms for breakfast though. We never buy that cereal (cereal with marshmallows!), so that is kind of an easy, but fun thing.

Missing the Franklins.

Anonymous said...

may the blessing be always with you!! ........................................