Sunday, November 2, 2008

Two steps forward one step back

The Monkey has been a great sleeper most of his life, but in the past week he has reverted to fussing all the way to bed. For the past several days we've had to rock him to sleep, or let him scream, or rub his back and sing him songs until he finally goes out. Tonight, it only took me about fifteen minutes of singing and cooing with him in bed to get him to fall asleep and he was out by 8:15pm, but about twenty minutes ago (around 10:15pm) he came thumping down the stairs, wandered into the living room, climbed up onto the couch next to me, leaned over, and fell back asleep. I've been reviewing some student work and he has been a little restless next to me, but has stayed asleep. His little head is warm against my side, and every once in a while he breathes a quiet child breath that wheezes out his nose. And now, I hear his brother's feet on the stairs. I think everyone is feeling like they need some company. So, off to bed for all of us.


JENNY said...

This is for Joey, I disagree with you 100% and I that's okay. It's not just Obama's moral issues that scare me, it's his radical friends, his secret past, his way of redistributing wealth,(which is socialism by the way), he wants to take gun rights away, he wants to take away our 401K plan and give it to social security, he wants to take hard earned money and give it to people who don't work for it, he WILL raise taxes on more people than you think which will set us into an even deeper recession, I don't believe he is patriotic at all, and I don't want to change your mind or anything because I'm sure I won't and what's done is done. He won the election, but will you please just watch this whole program through part 6
and it will tell you why people are afraid of Obama, and by the way, this is Jenny and not Eli. I wouldn't care if you supported Obama or not because I don't really know you, but you left that comment on my blog and I felt like commenting back.

Tyler & Cassidy said...

Joey, that was a peaceful reply. I was actually looking for a healthy rebuttle and some banter, though. It's like Obama says, healthy discussion is what will bring this country together and uplift it. And, we have to speak before he can ignore us...just some healthy pessimism based on his track record. It's all good. Don't get me wrong, he definitely has some good ideas, but he drastically understates the ways to acheive them. good times.

Alex said...

So this comment is not political. It is about your post. I think that there is something in the air these days. Jackson is also regressing with his sleeping habits. And it is wearing me out! Please let it return to normal soon.