Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Monkey's Birthday, a week after the fact

So we know that the Monkey turned two more than a week ago, but we've been busy. So, here are the pictures. The Cake was good.

The QB just can't help herself on Birthdays. This is, as requested, the Monkeys "Dig Dig Cake."

This, also as requested, is an"Elmo present"

The day of his birthday, the Monkey and Mr. Baseball and I went to the Park and the community Garden. A recent wind storm has knocked down 90% of the leaves in town.

Before the park, we stopped at the community garden to dig in the dirt a little and winterize the plot. We found these peppers that apparently finally appeared sometime after our last trip to the garden (which was back in September). There were six or seven that looked like they would have been good had we come back before the first frost. Too bad. Maybe next year.

The boys dug and dug and dug.

I think this is actually a picture taken on Sunday (we've dubbed that day "inbetweener" day because it's the day between my birthday and the Monkey's and almost seems like it deserves to be celebrated right along with everything else). The Monkey really wanted to eat on the counter. Go figure.


Emily said...

QB makes the coolest cakes. And you post the best photos--you could publish your own family magazine with all the great photos and fun things you do. I love that you are always changing your banner too. Okay, I'm officially an FC fan, fan club.

Shiloh said...

QB! You make the most amazing cakes!!