Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunny Days... Sweeping the Clouds Away...

The Monkey's birthday is coming up, so while in Columbus yesterday we stopped at the Science Museum to check out the new "Sesame Street: The Body" exhibit.

The Monkey chanted all day as we ran errands. And he b-lined it for the entrance once we actually got there.

Mr. Baseball's favorite part was about digestion, including, you guessed it: bodily function sounds. (Of course!) And the Monkey's favorite part was Elmo's World,( a house designed with a crayon, for those of you who haven't seen Sesame Street lately). We all liked Hooper's store with real registers and lots of fake food to play with.

Fun fun fun fun fun!

*And yeah, the Student and I wore the same thing. But it was an accident, we're not into that couples coordinating outfits kinda thing!

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Emily said...

If we ever go to COSI, and we will, it will be because of how cool you make it sound (and your cool photos)!