Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Friday Afternoon Hike


We haven't been hiking as often as we'd like lately but we did get one in on a perfect Friday afternoon. The temperature was excellent for hiking, not to cold and not to warm, we had snacks (including lots of extras, I've heard "they didn't think they'd be out there all night" enough times!) and water. We probably should have spent a little more time picking a hike though, the loop around the pond was short. Really short, it probably only took us 7 minutes to walk around the whole pond. Oops. Anyway, we found a marked trail heading off into the woods and followed that long enough to feel sufficiently 'hiked' before turning around. Fun was the goal, along with getting the kids out into nature. check check. Nothing to complain about here. Maybe next time we'll check the map out better though!


Alex said...

Yay for hiking! Especially when you don't need gloves and hats!

its...aubrey! said...

sounds a little more successful than our "nature walk" adventure!

JENNY said...

Hey buddy, It's Eli, I saw you have a Vote Yes on Prop 8 to protect marriage, but then I saw that you support Obama who not only supports the legalization of gay marriage but also abortion. But not just any abortion, 3rd term abortion. Sounds like a conflict of interests. Good luck with that.

-Joey said...

well, it's nice to hear from you Eli. Hope your family is doing well. We can talk politics if you want. I don't vote party line, so I don't see my support of Barack Obama and my support of proposition 8 as contradictory. I don't have to agree with him on every issue to want him to be president. I just have to agree with him on most issues.

I don't think Mr. Obama's opinion about the issue will have any bearing on proposition 8, and while Obama and I may disagree on a few social issues like gay marriage, there are so many more social issues that we do agree on, and I think to vote solely on issues like abortion or gay marriage is to miss out on an entire body of social issues not addressed by the republican party (Iraq, energy, Foreign policy in general, poverty, education, health care).

As for abortion, I believe your third trimester abortion reference is in relation to the accusation that a no vote Obama made in the Illinois senate on a certain piece of legislature constituted a support of third trimester abortions. He answered this accusation hiimself here, during the last debate.

So, I don't see any conflict of interest.

Hope you're doing well.


-Joey said...