Saturday, October 4, 2008

Brother--a three round decision

Round One

Yelling "Geronimo!"
and dive bombing pillows and blankets
at the bottom of the stairs
over and over
the thud and bang of bodies
on carpet
on wood
on walls
and socks slipping over voices laughing
off of walls and down into the kitchen
For blue and orange straws of water
that drip, drip, drip
on the carpet all the way back up the stairs

Round Two

in the slish and slosh and soap
of toy boats and boy parts
and my side and your side
and buckets of brother
spilling all over
climbing all over
My side! and Your Side!
jostle and bubble and elbow and teeth
and hands and necks and girgle and gasp
and Dad and Towels
and DONE!

Round Three

an early morning pillow pile
Mom and Dad and boy and brother
sheets and feet and ribs and OUCH
all down the stairs for spoons and milk
and Flakes and Os
More! More? more.
and kneeling, praying,
socking, shoeing, bagging,
Buckets full of boy
gone from the play,
walking out the door,
with brother just behind.

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