Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Busy-ness of September

As September ended this week and October began I was grateful. After a crazy month it feels nice to start fresh! Here's a short rundown:

9 trips to the Doctor (one about every 3 days!!), including one Sunday Urgent Care visit for me and a sprained knee for the student 

Mr. Baseball starting Kindergarten

Adjusting to the student's busy school and work schedule

A fabulous 5-day visit from Nana and Papa and Aubrey

Mr. Baseball's 5th Birthday

A car with a dead engine (again!)

Leading the music for the Primary Program at church 

Lego birthday cake

Yea for Planet Heroes!

Mr. Baseball wanted to go swimming for his birthday. We planned to go at the hotel pool where Nana and Papa were staying but after headin out there in our suits we found out it was shut down for winter. Darn! So we headed over to the OU pool. It was busy place but he was pleased. 

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