Friday, July 25, 2008

With the rainy season over, Mr. Baseball has finally gotten a chance to play a little T-ball. He missed three games because of rain, but here, at his first full game, the sky was blue and the bats were humming.
Mr. Baseball's league is a participation league, which means everybody bats, they don't keep track of outs, and they don't keep score, and we like it just fine. Most of the kids stare at their feet, kick dust, play with their hats, or stand stiff legged in the dirt and twist their torsos wildly. Still, even with the distractions and limitations that come with being four or five years old, there were a few executed plays, including one man double play by a boy on Callan's team who caught the batted ball and then tagged a runner. Mr. Baseball couldn't be more excited.

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cari said...

You can see the excitement in his eyes! What fun!