Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Trails

When we moved back to the US from Japan we nearly decided do away with the car and try to get by on just our bikes and public transportation. We decided against it, especially because I was 7 months pregnant then and with gas prices as cheap as they were a few years ago it didn't look like we would save all that much money.

Enter the new bike trailer! It gets us here, it gets us there, it gets us everywhere. Well except church which we could get to on the bike path but it would mean being sweaty before the meeting even started and leaving WAY earlier to get there on time. As any mormon mom with 9am church knows, that's NOT going to happen! We have no plans to ditch the car, we just try to leave it parked in it's spot as long as possible.

The last two weeks we've hauled kids, library books, gardening tools, lots of water, swimming suits and the wee ones along with their friends in it. This week we'll try tennis racquets, T-ball gloves and maybe even groceries!

"We love the bike trailer!"

"Ok, that's enough."


Shiloh said...

I Love the bike trailer!! When I have kids I'm totally getting one. Oh, and I'll get a bike to go with it too! ;)
Whenever I go abroad I always come home wondering what is wrong with America and alternate ways to get around! I miss the Metro, the Tube, biking without fear of death due to careless drivers and even walking! (Strange how I felt 100x safer darting through the streets of Nagoya on a bike that I ever have in Provo!)

Alex said...

You are so cool! I wish I was as cool as you!

Ma Fitz said...

You really ought not to work those little guys so hard. It's obvious that the bike ride was exhausting!

cari said...

Good for you! That's awesome!