Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Trails Part 2

Green! Just like we like it

The storm a few weeks ago hit Stroud's Run State Park harder than I thought. Here's where the bridge was over the creek last time we went hiking as a family.

And here's where we found it downstream. Visible from it's original place but quite a ways down. luckily the creek had gone down enough to jump over in a spot nearby.


*(*aUbReY*)* said...

wow i wish we could hike by a creek! well, we can, but all it is is rocks at the moment :)


cari said...

It's so pretty and green there!

Sarah said...

I'd love the turkey burger recipe, yum! I am in desperate need of new recipes, especially healthy+kid friendly (is that an oxymoron?)! And lol about the ice cream comment! That totally cracked me up.