Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Cleveland

We wanted to get a picture of both boys on the railing in front of the NKW store, but as you can see, there is no longer a railing in front of the store. When Papa Fitz (below, as a 19-year-old missionary photoed and preserved in a mission memorial notebook we saw in Kirtland)

was a missionary here, he had his picture taken by a Church Magazine photographer, sitting on the store railing.

When these pictures were taken, Papa was still single, still a boy really, and had so little notion of what family awaited him in his future (okay, arguably he had a good idea about who his wife might be, but as for his three daughters, son-in-law, and two grandchildren, he could only have had the slightest theoretical notion of what it would mean to be a father and grandfather.) And just last week we took this picture of his youngest grandchild, sitting just a few feet from where Papa stood as that young man. We really have no idea what lies ahead of us, where life will take us, where it will double back on us, and how one place, grayed and fading in memory may someday come back into color. I'm not really much older than Papa was in these pictures (I certainly don't feel much older) but life seems so laid out for me. School, family, future career--it all feels inevitable, but the truth is anything and anyone can happen. Perhaps that's the only real guarantee.

Callan loved the water, and even was willing to go under a bit after we'd been in the pool a while.
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