Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Just a moment ago Melissa caught me standing in front of the fridge, drinking straight from the bottle of JuicyJuice.--Harvest Surprise Grape, no less. She was supposed to have been in the laundry room, but she came back a little earlier than I was expecting. It is moments like these where you have a few choices. You can A) tilt the bottle upright and pretend you're looking at a suspicious floaty in the bottom of the bottle, B) try to throw the cap back on and make for the dish cabinet and hope she doesn't notice the purple stain on your upper lip, or C) you can hold the bottle just below your mouth, glance sideways at her as she walks in the door, and give her your best, most sheepish grin possible. Then when she is teasing you about being too lazy to get a cup, and saying things like "that's such a guy thing," you can explain to her that you were simply trying to avoid dirtying another dish which she would likely have to wash anyway. You can then point out to her that you're actually doing her a favor by drinking straight from the bottle, at which point she will throw her arms around you, thank you for your profound consideration, pull the juice from your hands and demand a grape flavored smooch right there on the spot.

errr....maybe not.


Ma Fitz said...

Ooops! I wish I could plead "not guilty", but I can't. I bet Mel can't either. :-)

Shalae said...

Hmm my husband gave me that exact line after taking a swig from the milk carton! Unfortunately he got the "I'll wash an extra cup!"