Monday, March 17, 2008

Leprechaun Watch

We were awakened this morning with a loud whack of the bathroom door opening and Mr. Baseball shouting "BOO, MONSTERS!" We chuckled and guessed he must have decided to scare them in return and/or chase them away. Where does he think of these things?!

And speaking of imaginary creatures ( was that a good segway? No, probably not, but I didn't want to post twice today) we offer Leprechaun Watch. Here you can,via webcam, keep an eye on those sly guys. According to the website they are "regarded at particularly active in the spring." I think they must know today is THE day to runaround in their cute green suits. You might just spot one!

As a child my family often ate corned beef and cabbage in honor of St. Patrick's day and I have been known to continue on the tradition myself. Not this year though. I recently learned corned beef and cabbage is an american Irish dish. And so tonight we are having Irish Beef Stew (minus the beer), soda bread and fried cabbage. I hope it's more authentic and I repent of my mistake!

Oh and I pulled the old trick of green food coloring the milk today, thanks for the idea and the good memories, Mom! I nearly convinced Mr. Baseball it was a Leprechaun that did it, but he's too quick and spotted the food coloring hiding on the counter.


Lauren and Trevor said...

That meal sound yummy. I'm not sure if I could have stomached the green milk though.

Jolly said...

Dinner was delicious! I shared some soda bread with Lauren the next day. Thanks!

Just in case you check this first, but not your email, the Moulton's need to know where the car is parked. I sent you an email with phone numbers on it. ;-)

Have fun with your family!

Anonymous said...

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