Sunday, March 30, 2008

And we're back...

Oh vacation...ten days in Utah, and not a single post. Our visit home was fantastic (and yes, I am okay with considering Utah home, even though my love still lies with Oregon. And, if Oregon happens to be reading this, I apologize upfront. You've just been gone for so long, and well, I'm lonely, and Utah was there when I needed someone, so don't feel bad, just hold on to what we had together, and someday, perhaps, you and I will be together again). We saw parts of both sides of our diaspora family and spent a day kicking around BYU campus. It snowed on our first and last days in town but the middle of the trip was sunny enough for us to get a little sunburned. The kids traveled well and despite the Monkey being a little coy with his slightly unfamiliar relatives, both he and Mr. Baseball were visibly glad to be around so many bodies that love them so much.

Just a smidgen of what we did:

With the Franklins:

Afternoon at Ikea, including copious amounts of Frozen yogurt, and half a suitcase full of colorful plastic dinnerware.
A game of Beyond Balderdash
Easter Egg hunt with 58 eggs
Lots of Pushing children on a Rope Swing
A late night episode of BBC's "Planet Earth"
Triple Chocolate Brownies
amazing soup called "Pho" (pronounced "Fu" as in fudge) courtesy of my brother Jason
Belgian waffles
An unfinished game of chess with Grandpa Franklin
Lots of listening to Grandpa Franklin's endless supply of jokes
group hugs
raiding Jason's treat cupboard
racing home from Ikea in the Mustangs (okay, Jason wasn't really racing, but we still won)
A game of Life-Sponge Bob style, with Niece Olivia, who felt a bit left out when the two boy cousins spent all week playing cars.

With the Fitzgeralds:

A late night rendezvous at the SLC airport
Lots of girl bonding time for the sisters and Nana Fitz
A game of Uno Attack that turned into a game of Russian Roulette with the Uno attack card dispenser
Brownies and Vanilla ice cream
Lunch at the UVSC culinary school
In the house Easter egg hunt for kiddos both old and young
Easter Service that included piano duet by the QB and her youngest sister and an amazing talk on the atonement by sister Amy.
Easter Dinner with Family and Friends and strawberry shortcake
A trip to Smart Cookie for ice cream sandwiches
Yummy Pupusas compliments of Amy, recently returned Missionary
Shopping trip to buy cute matching shirts for family pictures
An afternoon Family photo shoot with the Fitzgeralds.
Feeding the Horses apples, carrots and, of course, Hay.
Mr. Baseball's first time watching the original Star Wars trilogy
Laughing, and sleeping, through Enchanted

And of course, there were a million more things we did, and we loved seeing everyone and were so grateful that everyone was so accommodating and we miss them already. There are pictures and more details we want to share, but that will have to wait. Tomorrow a new quarter begins and we must be off to bed.


Alex said...

Even though you haven't posted for the past ten days, I have been checking your blog every day and clicking on your advertisements so I hope that you are raking in the big bucks! What a fun trip-I'll call back soon, I promise. Today was a Jonah day. I'm excited to chat with you.

lacy said...

sounds like you had fun sorry we couldn't meet up maybe next time

Angie said...

I think we probably have matching IKEA cups (if you got cups there). I love that store!

I have to say that Planet Earth rocks. Brett likes to make fun of it because everything is the "most (insert adjective)", but I think it is awesome!