Monday, October 4, 2010

Yes, we have no bananas!

The other day we were sitting in the kitchen eating Trader Joe's flattened bananas, the QB holding the package and peeling off small strips for each of us, and Mr. Baseball said,
"Why are dried banana's so yummy?"

"Because," I said, "Bananas are one of the sweetest fruits and when you dry them you concentrate the sweetness."

At that moment, the Monkey walked by licking his fingers and said, "Yeah, and you concentrate the sticky!"
That's why he's the monkey.

P.S. We currently have bananas in three stages at our house. Green and waiting to be eaten. Yellow and ready to be eaten, and black, too late to be eaten. Time for Banana Bread, you think? This is our favorite recipe. add chocolate chips and walnuts, too!

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